Stale Bread Soup Recipe

I made a big pot of this soup on Sunday and thought it was great. I wanted to share the experience. bread


Stale Bread Soup 

Photo by Mike 

Juice Your Green Tea

Green tea is thought to contain substances called catechins that can reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cancer. tea and juiceThe researchers in this study wondered how much of the catechins survived the digestive process. What they found out was that in tea alone, only about 20% of the catechins survived an in vitro digestive simulation.

Everyday Power Foods

From the magazine Best Life comes a nice feature, 8 Foods You Should Eat Every Day.

It's refreshingly comprehensive. Writer Ben Hewitt not only provides good nutritional reasons to eat these foods, but suggests interesting ways to prepare them along with alternates if one is not available or currently appealing. I like that. I dull out when I eat the same thing every day. Vive variety.

Nurture Yourself with Real Food - Your Health's Best Friend

Food supplies nutrients. Some foods supply more nutrients than others. To get all the nutrients that we need, we have to eat a variety of foods.

Here is a selection of six foods that many people enjoy which can go a long way toward supplying your daily requirements of some key nutrients. Notice that writer Lisa Turner mentions not one nutrient that you're going to find in a USDA nutrition analysis.

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