Assembling and Installing Our Garden Tower

Picnic table ready for lunch

In June of this year my step daughter's family and I ordered the Garden Tower 2.

All of us strive to eat organic and loved the idea of growing our own.


We would figure it out as we went.

June is a terrible time to plant anything in Florida. It is raging hot. The ground heats up. The insect population grows a thousand fold.

Whatever farmers grow here in the summer they usually have to shade their fields from direct sun.

Ironicly we also had a positioning problem. The house is on a small lot. We had no ideal place to receive sunlight.

But we decided to move forward. We would figure it out as we went.


We ordered the package and it was delivered as promised. 

The next Saturday morning, we put it together. 

The pieces had sort of a sci-fi shape to them, but they fit together nicely. The Garden Tower came together rather quickly, maybe 20 mins.

We then went to Home Depot and bought the dirt.

Knowing that it's really tough to grow most veggies in Florida in the summer, we persevered and bought some anyway along with a few herbs.

The two of us spent another hour leveling the Tower, filling it with dirt and planting it. We then watered it our plants and were done. About an hour and a half not counting drive time to and from Home Depot.