Extreme Fitness Doesn't Seem to Harm DNA

There is a downside to everything. Take extreme fitness. People will argue the all that training stresses out the body. And I'm sure that it does. But a recent study shows that the oxidative stress of extreme fitness does not damage DNA.

This interpretation is consistent with other recently published results of this study which show that the body experiences a very rapid and extremely inflammatory reaction during the period of exertion - and that these physiological processes subside equally rapidly. Overall, the results of the FWF project indicate that the effects of extreme sport are very much dependent on the fitness of the individual up to the molecular level.

Extreme fitness practitioners, beware of over training, inadequate nutrition, poor recovery, injury. But don't worry about free radicals messing with your DNA.

Extreme Fitness, Oxidative Stress And Training Your DNA

Extreme fitness as defined

Extreme fitness as defined by the article is a triathlon? What about fast intense workouts?


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