Decent Data

I love the Internet. At a party at the beginning of the summer, a young friend said to me that the Internet is like magic. Just log on and ask a question and more than likely you'll get an answer. I'm always searching for new resources for health information. Like magic I find them often. Here are a few sites that may be useful to you.
Nutrition Data has an elaborate breakdown of the FDA nutritional database of foods. Those already using Cron-o-meter, a great, free, open-source nutrition tracker, may find the Nutrient Search Tool (home>Tools>Nutrient Search Tool) tool useful.

Gymanee is a new site searching for beta users. It provides workout routines and interactive databases where members can track their progress in a number of categories (weight lost, resting heartbeat, calories consumed, to mention a few). It's taking a social networking approach by offering a "Gym Buddies" feature. It allows you to meet cyber gym buddies for mutual motivation and fresh workout ideas.

The Harvard School of Public Health has a site called The Nutrition Source. It offers in depth information about most any nutrition
question that may come up. I consider it a great supplement to a nutrition program like Cron-0-meter because for many the more that you learn the more you want to know.

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