Permaculture and the Garden Tower Project

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"Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems."
Permaculture from Wikipedia 

The brilliant self-contained ecosystem within the Garden Tower Project fits the bill to a tee.

This ingenious food growing system recycles its water and produces its own fertilizer. And it turns out beautiful produce.

Many of us live in cities with little space to grow anything meaningful. The Garden Tower Project has the permacultural ability to change the world, one garden at a time. Even one very small garden at a time.

David Holmgren, a co-originator of the permaculture movement, elegantly tells us how and why, "Change the world and a positive way rather than endlessly trying to stop the world we don't want. ?? you change yourself...arguably the most powerful thing you can do...

"When you do something for yourself that you benefit from that reflects the ethics and design principles of permaculture, you are doing something for yourself and you are also reducing your adverse impact on the world. Arguably you are dong something that u benefit from, that is potentially attractive to other people who say, "Ah, I'll do that too." Whereas the hard bitten person who is doing something just to atone for our sins in the world s not very attractive to many other people."

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The Garden Tower Project is a self-contained system for growing food or any other plants.

Once established it produces far more than it consumes in terms of energy and other resources.

Waste from the food it produces is recycled into powerful organic fertilizer.

Even the water it uses is recycled in the tower, preventing it from leeching valuable nutrients from the Tower soil.

In any successful conventional garden, the soil must be rejuvenated prior to the growing season. This usually involve breaking it up and mixing it with fresh compost. It's a lot of work.

With the Garden Tower, the rejuvenation takes place all the time with a constant supply of new compost and vermaculture fertilization.


All this sounds like it would fit right in with the principles of permaculture.

Less formally permaculture is the practice of living sustainable in a world with ever decreasing space and resources.

Most of us live in relatively small spaces. Few of us live on a farm surrounded by a natural landscape.

For me at least the more I am confined to city living the more I like so many long for a closer contact with nature and with the idea of having organic food grown close by.

So having access to a Garden Tower gives me the opportunity to connect with permaculture principles and homegrown food. It's a small positive change for the world. I'm lovin it.

Why I Like It

The Garden Tower is really an ingenious growing device.

It produces it's own fertilizer in a central compost bin. We throw kitchen scraps in the top and rich, dark compost comes out the bottom. The composting is turbocharged by worms that feed on the compost and leave their "castings" throughout the growing soil, further enriching it. Quite brilliant really.

Of course the plants must be watered. And like any container the water eventually flows to the bottom. There it is collected, along with all the nutrients that have leached into it on the way down. We then put it into a watering can and use this "vitamin" water to nourish the plants again.

The tower contains 51 separate "pockets" give us the ability to keep plants organized.

The tower revolves to expose different sides to the sun.

If you have an interest in living the permaculture lifestyle and are constricted by small growing space, you owe it to yourself to check out the Garden Tower.

Even if you have the space and don't want the burden and responsibility of a large garden, the Tower might be just for you.

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