How to Deal Drugs

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Finally: A Book that Explains Women

Book about women

Ab Work

This might change your thinking on abdominal exercise.



Vitamin D and Athletic Performance

We've already noted here that Vitamin D is a possible performance enhancer for athletes.

Here's a recent study that adds credance to that view. Austrian scientists

"...examined the blood of 2300 men with an average age of just over sixty. Only eleven percent of them had sufficient vitamin D in their blood. And indeed: more vitamin D in their blood had the men, the higher their testosterone and unbound testosterone concentration."

Time to Wake Up the FDA about Vitamin D

This from an editorial on the Life Extention website.

"There are 920,000 heart attacks suffered in the United States every year.4 According to the American Heart Association, the annual cost of health care services, medications, and lost productivity related to these heart attacks is over $156 billion.4

The annual retail cost of all 300 million Americans (including children) supplementing with 1,000 IU of vitamin D per day is $6.6 billion.

Featured Tabata Workout

Run/walk Backwards

Find yourself a field or track or empty parking lot. Set your course before you start. Walking or running backwards is not a good time to explore. I like to find a big circle, but back and forth will do.

Walk or run (you pick your speed) backwards. Glance over your shoulder from time to time to make sure you chose a good course. Keep our knees slightly bent for extra conditionaing in the knees.

Olive oil for whiskers

A few months ago, I traveled with one of my sons. He showed me a tiny, black plastic vial that he said contained shaving oil. "You should try it," he said.

I did and loved it. Soft whiskers and my razor slid like a sled. I headed for the drug store and bought my own black vial. It was nearly $5.00 for 1/2 ounce. Wow. Someone's making money. That's $80.00 per cup.

How much sunshine?

Some good folks in Norway have devised a calculator to figure how much sunshine produces how much Vitamin D. It takes into account latitude, altitude, race, and local reflectivity. Sunbathers

How to Be 100 Years Old

Freyda Siegel, 100, shares 18 tips on how to live well.

18 tips for living a long life well

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